Opendelight Merged with Its Next Generation Counterpart, Batoi OSF

Aug 25, 2016

After a major haul of the existing code base of the open-source framework Opendelight, the entire framework has now been merged into the Batoi Open Source Framework (OSF).

The OSF has now been released for standalone web application mode. The jQuery UI theme has been replaced with Batoi theme framework which is largely based on Twitter Bootstrap framework. Of course JavaScript framework jQuery will continue to play an active role, whereas the icon font, Font Awesome has been included into the UI.

As a part of the major changes there is a complete overhaul at the file system which has been further simplified complying to the original objective of the framework. The current version of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been published as OSF IDE and the functions and features have largely been retained except UI modifications.

As a part of new feature addition Single Sign On (SSO) through OAuth has been added to the OSF IDE. Now developers can integrate SSO feature into their application login easily with the help of GUI and without having to write even a single line of code.

Now the new framework has got its new home at

The Download, Get Started Guide, Framework FAQs and Architecture and Concepts about the framework are now available on the website.