Users are entities who will access the application after it is created. Opendelight creates the admin user (with access privilege to all aspects of the application and to the IDE too) automatically after it is installed. Other users can be created through Opendelight IDE or you can develop your own functionality for this purpose through a custom class called Profile.

Opendelight User & Role Manager


The Opendelight provides an in-built mechanism to manage user's primary details like username, password, email, name, and roles as they are critical to handle the security aspect of the application. However, a developer can create more attributes and functionalities to manage user accounts as the application scope demands. This can be achieved by creating a Profile class (an Application Class) and a corresponding database table.

The username admin (case-sensitive) is the superuser which can access the Opendelight IDE and can develop, manage, and access the entire application. This user gets such a right through a default role assigned to it - Administrator. Neither this username nor its association with the role Administrator can be modified.

Each user must be assigned a role as it determines the access privilege and the homepage (after sign in) of the concerned user. When you install the Opendelight, the default role is, Administrator and it is assigned automatically to the user admin. Neither this role nor its association with the user admin can be modified.