PHP Application Framework

Cleaner. Faster. Secure.
Opendelight is a PHP application framework with an Integrated Development Environment for Next Generation Apps and Services on the Cloud. Create your web application without worrying about small things.
News! Sub-Minute and Cron-less Scheduled Tasks in Opendelight

Benefits of the Framework

Ultra-fast App Development
Install the framework and get a glimpse of your proposed app in matter of minutes. The framework offers easy learning curve to build and manage your apps.
Least Coding & Routine Jobs
Create standard code blocks from within the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Only focus on business logic - routine tasks are done by the Framework or tools available along with.
Service Oriented Architecture
An extensible object model and automated ReSTful API services. You have full control over your data and can access those securely.
Live Code Editing
The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) offers online editor to edit business logic and UI code. Edit your codes live and continually deploy your apps.
Turnkey Apps and Themes
Get turnkey apps and themes to expedite your DevOps. The inbuilt objects and events help carry all routine tasks and reduces the time to go live.
Audit Your App Usage
The framework provides tools to log and analyze usage of your app or website after deployment (in terms of URL, IP, browser, etc.) from within the Studio.
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